Get The Gringo

The tone of Get the Gringo is a little inconsistent. It’s light hearted and over the top, yet also features moments of sadistic violence. This kind of paradox doesn’t sit well with me. Although ultra violence is often a hallmark of films of this nature, I never particularly liked it when such moments feature in close proximity to comedy.
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600 Kilos of Pure Gold

600 Kilos of Pure Gold has its moments, and the quality of the cinematography, excellent locations and admirable production values can’t be denied. It’s just a pity that the script soon has our characters randomly going off the deep end for no explicable reason.
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It is brave, and perhaps a little foolhardy, but whether through happy chance or the skill of the writers and director, it manages to keep its audience’s interest and never descend into unintended farce. For some, there might be too many competing elements on show, but I found the ride utterly thrilling.
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Contraband moves along at a cracking pace, and at times feels as if certain scenes were pared down to their expositional essentials. This means the film never becomes sluggish, but at the same time feels as if such moments are for the audience’s benefit only, rather than part of the organic narrative.
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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The film is expertly shot and edited, clearly with the knowledge that action cinema needs to be dynamic. Regularly opting for the tense, slow build up of tension, this is probably the sequel that most resembles Brian de Palma’s initial 1996 flick.
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The Tourist

There are a couple of moments that betray the fact that this film has American studio interests at heart – firstly, we need a title to explain that we’re in Paris, France (you know, just in case those footpath cafes with people eating baguettes were actually in Texas), and secondly, the reading of a letter gets a corresponding voice over – twice.
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