Berlin ’36

Karoline Herfurth is stunning in the lead role. This was a young woman who was so alone yet felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. Understandably, she is conflicted – should she go for gold to show up the regime, or should she refuse to represent her country which she so despises?
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Lucky You

One more ‘return to the dollar bets matches to recoup losses and start over’ sequence and most of the audience would be shaking their heads with disbelief. Huck climbs and then falls so often, it just doesn’t matter if it happens again, as there is never a concern he won’t make it to the big match.
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Rocky Balboa

A more cynical modern audience will still be prepared to accept the overly sentimental speeches and emotionally manipulative ‘big moments’. This is no small achievement, as there are several sequences that are about as subtle as the use of ‘Gonna Fly Now’ throughout the soundtrack to guide our appreciation.
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