Crucially, the film is pitched as an underdog story, and whilst the man did indeed face battles with studios and censors, its hard to believe that this really is a story of the ‘little guy achieving greatness in the face of adversity’, even if the likes of Vertigo weren’t appreciated until years later.
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Mozart’s Sister

Whilst the historical buildings may be impressive, there’s certainly nothing to feast one’s eyes upon. It feels like the filmmakers chose only to use natural lighting, and thus the nighttime scenes are almost entirely indiscernible. The camera itself never does anything exciting, either.
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The Social Network

I’ll be curious to see how this film fares in the long run, as it’s impossible to say just how significant the social networking site will be in a decade or two. Imagine if a Myspace film had been made – copies of the DVD would be clogging up the bargain bins right about now…
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