Paranormal Activity 4

We also get some videophone call footage and, because it’s 2011, we get some scenes recorded on an iPhone. Of course, this is apparently an iPhone from the future, since it looks suspiciously like HD even when blown up to cinema screen size, but I was able to suspend disbelief nonetheless.
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A lot of the publicity material talks about audiences throwing up in the cinema or leaving in disgust but the gore, whilst prominent, isn’t anything that a horror buff won’t have seen before. I wouldn’t be surprised if the handheld footage was what made people feel ill, however, because I spent a good couple of minutes looking away from the screen to try and alleviate my own motion sickness.
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It’s as if the budget couldn’t match the filmmakers’ ambition, so we’re subjected to crappy CGI and poor digital matte paintings again and again. I appreciate that the film had a tiny budget of $15 million, but that simply means they should have been more choosy when it came to visual effects shots.
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