The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

If I could buy a Blu-ray of just the 25 minutes or so of action at the end of the film, I would, because it’s thrilling and exciting and emotional and a whole lot of other words that can’t really be applied to the rest of the franchise.
Rating: 2.0 starsHoopla Factor: 2.5 stars

The howls of mirth from sections of the audience threatened to ruin the faux meaningful character countdown that suggests we have been witness to something epic and emotional when most will just be glad to be done.
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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Rest assured that Eclipse continues the franchise’s horrendous record of setting feminism back several decades. Bella Swan has no ambition whatsoever, and is only interested in being with the man/men she loves. She’s fragile and passive, and frequently needs protection from Big Strong Men.
Rating: 2.0 starsHoopla Factor: 3.0 stars

A single speech made by the pitiful ‘heroine’ of this piece near the end of the film can’t make up for almost three full feature-length films worth of moping and passivity. If only the most phenomenally successful text of its time could have featured a female lead worth bothering to cross the street to avoid.
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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

New Moon manages at least to get by with some nifty action sequences. Actually, the film has a couple of top moments, assisted by great cinematography, perfect editing and a great soundtrack – it’s a slicker flick for sure. No one could deny that the first instalment had a great soundtrack, and this one is even better.
Rating: 2.5 starsHoopla Factor: 3.0 stars

What kind of message is being sent to young women here? The film barely stands up to scrutiny, and perhaps isn’t meant to be considered in depth, but as it takes itself so damn seriously it demands the audience does as well. Perhaps the only positive message its audience will receive is the SunSmart concept that it’s okay to be pale.
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