Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

It’s hard to pick standouts from such a fantastic ensemble, but my favourites include Alison Pill as Scott’s ex and drummer in his band, Kieran Culkin as Scott’s gay roommate, and Ellen Wong as Knives Chau, Scott’s high school girlfriend.
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Letters to Juliet

The setting – Verona, and surrounding Italian countryside filled with wineries and farmlands – is simply wonderful, and almost worth paying the admission just to watch in the background. Unfortunately, the film drags in parts and doesn’t quite maintain the energy that Redgrave, Seyfried and Italy itself generate.
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I Love You Too

One could be forgiven for assuming Dinklage’s presence is more about easy laughs, when in fact it is his character Charlie that provides much of the emotional heart of the film. Charlie’s relationship with Jim is comfortable and just seems to make sense, and their effect on each other’s lives is all the more believable for it.
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The Bounty Hunter

‘Twists’ are meant to keep the audience wondering whether the two leads will get their act together and fall back in love, but aren’t actually ‘twisty’ at all. All of which wouldn’t be so devastating to the film’s chance of succeeding were Aniston and Butler to share the slightest hint of chemistry.
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Couples Retreat

The flimsy excuse for getting the glamour cast of Couples Retreat to the glamour location of Bora Bora simply cannot sustain a near-two-hour feature film, and the failure to progress beyond an outline to a narrative that allows meaningful growth of the characters is perhaps its greatest flaw.
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(500) Days of Summer

They get along well, yes. But we know that it isn’t a well-balanced coupling. For anyone that’s ever been in a relationship where the other person’s had all the power, or who’s watched a friend limp through a similar pairing, then (500) Days of Summer is tough work.
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