The Ghost Writer

That Cattrall’s accent is so bad and no-one seems to have realised during production is astonishing, and one wonders why Polanski didn’t just throw in the towel and hire a British actress to play this British character.
Rating: 3.0 starsHoopla Factor: 3.0 stars

In the long run, however, The Ghost Writer is a little disappointing. The mystery is so well crafted, the pieces of information scattered along the way so tantalising, that the end result is a bit of a letdown.
Rating: 4.0 starsHoopla Factor: 4.0 stars

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The Myth of the American Sleepover

That several of his characters eventually do make the ‘right’ decisions is heartening, although this might be disappointing for those expecting this film to lay bare the consequences of misguided teenage hubris. Nonetheless, The Myth of the American Sleepover is a solid and realistic take on the rites of passage of American teens.
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