After enduring the ridiculously over-the-top musical introduction accompanied by mood-setting shots of space, it also would be overly optimistic to expect the script to demonstrate the slightest subtlety or intelligence. Instead, the audience must endure 158 minutes of mind-numbingly uninspired character interactions, and dialogue that would make an average 5th grader blush.
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Using an experimental technique to tell its story Cloverfield successfully manages to create tension and excitement in spite of the limitations it must endure, and yet without those limitations it becomes just another tale in which a ragtag bunch must survive catastrophe.
Rating: 3.0 starsHoopla Factor: 3.0 stars

That we have buildings crumbling and dust clouds sweeping through the streets of New York is more than a little interesting. I can’t imagine that many New Yorkers will be completely blase about the concept, and it is a little telling that no one at any point mentions the ‘T’ word.
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