Safety Not Guaranteed

Whilst Darius’ boss, Jeff, and Kenneth, the would-be time traveller (Mark Duplass), are given suitable depth, Arnau is nothing more than a one joke stereotype. As the standard ‘geeky Indian student/virgin’, it’s something we’ve seen before, and he isn’t even given an interesting character arc throughout the course of the film.
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Not Suitable for Children

There are some narrative beats that don’t quite ring true – ones that feel like they’re simply conforming to the romcom standard rather than occurring organically – but these are fleeting and don’t sully the rest of the film. This is director Peter Templeman’s first feature, but he’s a veteran of TV and short films and it shows.
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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The foul odour of imperialism isn’t too far off, yet the film manages to avoid it for the most part by simply not being concerned about the country in which it’s set at all. First and foremost it’s about a group of people nearing the end of their lives and looking back on what they’ve done; the setting is for the most part immaterial.
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New Year’s Eve

Halle Berry and Robert De Niro share what are easily the most effective scenes, however their sub-plot is wrapped up nicely in a trite little bundle that suggests their author was interested in anything but their truth. Additionally, their precious moments of worthwhile screentime are swamped by the time spent with characters played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl.
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Wild Target

Grint is entertaining enough also, though his character is woefully underwritten. Martin Freeman would have to be the standout in Wild Target, if only because he gets to play a character completely different from his usual lovable loser type. As rival hitman Hector Dixon, his scenes comprise the best of the lot.
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