The Tourist

There are a couple of moments that betray the fact that this film has American studio interests at heart – firstly, we need a title to explain that we’re in Paris, France (you know, just in case those footpath cafes with people eating baguettes were actually in Texas), and secondly, the reading of a letter gets a corresponding voice over – twice.
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Inception is thrilling from beginning to end. The ease with which Nolan manages to navigate us through quite a mindfuck is remarkable. There is a lot of exposition going on, but its delivered with such urgency that it doesn’t feel patronising.
Rating: 5 starsHoopla Factor: 5 stars

Nolan manages to add layer upon layer, taking the concept of parallel and interwoven storylines to new levels of insanity, and yet the film remains clear and understandable on the first viewing. While it remains a wonderful exercise in film mechanics, however, it lacks that which keeps audiences coming back for more: heart.
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