The 25th Reich

The cinematography makes the most of the Victorian bushland, and as the film begins we’re treated to a nicely oversaturated image that boasts bold blue skies and bright green leaves. Once the freaky stuff started happening, however, I was disappointed to see that the images changed to a washed out blue.
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Captain America – The First Avenger

If you’re going to make a special-effects laden film, you’ve got to make sure the special effects are at least halfway decent. Failing that, fill your movie with practical effects (which would have been a perfect fit in this situation, actually).
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Battle: Los Angeles

In what must be the most expensive recruitment drive ever, 70 million dollars has been spent on a movie that lets us know EVERY TEN MINUTES OR SO just how worthwhile/glorious life in the marines can be. The script and indeed Brian Tyler’s score hammer home this message with unceasing regularity…
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