The 25th Reich

The cinematography makes the most of the Victorian bushland, and as the film begins we’re treated to a nicely oversaturated image that boasts bold blue skies and bright green leaves. Once the freaky stuff started happening, however, I was disappointed to see that the images changed to a washed out blue.
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Captain America – The First Avenger

If you’re going to make a special-effects laden film, you’ve got to make sure the special effects are at least halfway decent. Failing that, fill your movie with practical effects (which would have been a perfect fit in this situation, actually).
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Strike Witches

Frustratingly, this first series leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Once we get to the final five episodes, which are really quite gripping, the plot goes into (comparative) overdrive, leading to an awe-inspiring epic final battle. The mixture of CG elements and 2D animation is superbly handled.
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Battle: Los Angeles

In what must be the most expensive recruitment drive ever, 70 million dollars has been spent on a movie that lets us know EVERY TEN MINUTES OR SO just how worthwhile/glorious life in the marines can be. The script and indeed Brian Tyler’s score hammer home this message with unceasing regularity…
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Sarah’s Key

This really is a strange film. The historical sections are pitch perfect, and it’s such a fascinating story that it’s a pity they had to be sullied by the regular intrusions of the embarrassing present. Worse still, the final section of the film seems like it will never finish until, miraculously, it ends on an incredibly touching note.
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Like all good confined space thrillers, Buried uses its confined setting to the fullest, deftly taking us through every narrative possibility as Paul does everything he can to get out alive. There wasn’t a dull moment in this film – it moves at a cracking pace.
Rating: 5 starsHoopla Factor: 5 stars

This is a truly brave film, and one that gives hope that films can be made the way their story demands, immune to the influence of what 'will sell'. Cortez and Reynolds should be applauded.
Rating: 4.5 starsHoopla Factor: 5 stars

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