Ben X

The story is told non-sequentially, with excerpts from retrospective interviews with Ben’s parents, teachers and schoolmates hinting at the disaster still to come. This technique is more and more commonplace, but it certainly works in Ben X to engender a sense of dread as the bullying continues and Ben’s isolation grows.
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The Wave

The Wave is a powerful and at times horrifying film that uses the natural advantage of its setting to make comment on the preconceptions and prejudices that must exist in a country still coming to terms with its past. Excellent performances from its leads combined with an amazing ‘based on real life’ premise allow the film to resonate on several levels.
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Could This Be Love?

Lindon is unfortunately just not appealing enough as Lucas to encourage the audience to wish them together, perhaps mostly due to the writing which at times makes him out to be a buffoon. How a man such as this can be believed to be the energetic leader of a major company is not clear.
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The Kite Runner

Screen portrayals of religious fanaticism are often prone to caricature, yet it is films like The Kite Runner that inform us of its true effects. The terrifying changes that are represented as occurring in Afghanistan during the Russian and Taliban eras are almost a sidenote to the individual story of redemption that forms the heart of the film.
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