Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The film features half a dozen action scenes that are truly thrilling, and possibly the best of all the Marvel films so far. Some annoying shaky-cam rears its ugly head (really? I thought we were over this…) but despite this, I was never less than thrilled.
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The Wolverine

Unfortunately, the concept of ‘Wolverine in Japan’ is about as exciting as this film gets. Sure, we have some cool stuff happening but it’s kind of like they threw up all the ideas they could think of on a whiteboard – Nagasaki! Ninja! Ronin! Bullet train! Honour! – and failed to put them together in a coherent manner.
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Man of Steel

It becomes immediately apparently within the first few minutes of Man of Steel that Goyer, Nolan and Snyder are using Batman Begins as their template. Sure, we’re on another world and everyone’s wearing wacky retro-futuristic costumes, but the pacing and storytelling techniques are exactly the same.
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