Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!


Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! may be the worst film I’ve seen this last few weeks! Not only because the use of the exclamation mark in the title is lame! But because the scripting, direction, acting and plot are tired and overdone!

I don’t even know why I hired this from my friendly Video Ezy staff! I had watched its prominence on Box Office Mojo with some surprise, not quite comprehending that a film with such a premise could have such an amount of press associated with it! Sure, it was around the same time as The Passion Of The Christ, and maybe the Americans were wanting something shiny and perky to make them love being American again, but still!

I spent much of the film trying to figure out who Topher Grace was, only to realise afterwards he is the guy from That 70’s Show on tv! The only main cast member with anything going for her is Kate Bosworth, who shows a certain charm in spite of knowing she’s in one of the all-time turkeys! I wonder if we’ll see her again, or if she’ll forever be known as the girl who was going to make it until she made one really bad choice?!

Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes provide the only saving grace, with their light relief the only relief I felt for the entire 95 minutes! I guess that’s one thing going for it – it was only 95 minutes long!

What Robert Luketic was doing with this piece of rubbish is beyond me! He had the world at his feet after Legally Blonde, and he chooses this?!

Don’t even bother, this should quickly be consigned to the ex-rental sales bin, no higher than $9.95!

Rating: 0.5 stars
Review by Mark Lavercombe, 1st January 1970
Hoopla Factor: 0.5 stars

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