Team America: World Police


Well, at least the music was good…

At the risk of being labelled ‘anti-comedy’ by some of our readers, all I can say about this latest of Parker and Stone’s collaborations is that the original music is, at times, entertaining. The remainder? If you think marionettes having sex is inherently funny, then maybe this is for you. If you require slightly more than these images to amuse you – like real wit and intelligent satire – Team America can only disappoint.

Team America: World PoliceI saw Team America in a massive crowd, seemingly filled with its target audience. How so many people could find such unthoughtful and weak imagery so amusing is completely beyond me. I guess you all find drawing pictures of penises on notebooks or toilet doors funny too? Here I was imagining that Matt and Trey might surprise me by producing a really thoughtful satire on American nationalism and global imperialism. Instead we get homosexual oral sex jokes?

Parker and Stone have so much talent, but I wish they’d move on a little and start to develop it. If not, they may well be remembered best for their ground-breaking television show ‘South Park’ – which in itself wouldn’t be bad, but they have had a lot of time since then, and there have been no obvious signs of growth. With their intelligence and insight, they should be making the defining anti-establishment films of our time.

The plot of Team America is simple, and seems almost an afterthought… more an excuse to enable them to denigrate a whole bunch of people, rather than the other way around. Surely the characters should support the plot first? If you wanted to satirise Michael Moore and Kim Jong Il, that’s one thing, but why not think up a good story to do it in, instead of this half-arsed attempt?

The music, much like in ‘South Park’, is the real highlight, with “Freedom Isn’t Free” and “America, Fuck Yeah” the best of a great bunch. Surely this soundtrack will be more enjoyable than the film itself, something which should cause much concern for Parker and Stone. Maybe these guys should write music instead of screenplays?

Whilst this film obviously appealed to the unwashed masses I watched it with the other night, it won’t be for everyone. Perhaps if you like Will Ferrell?

Rating: 1.5 stars
Review by Mark Lavercombe, 4th December 2004
Hoopla Factor: 1.5 stars


Mark doesn’t know what he’s talking about. One of the funniest films I’ve seen in ages.

Rating:  stars
Review by Stuart Wilson, 1st January 1970
Hoopla Factor:  stars

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