The Devil’s Rejects


Rob Zombie continues his love affair with cult horror films of the past with The Devil’s Rejects, a nostalgic horror fest that gleefully delves less into the macabre and more into the depraved. Surprisingly the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses is quite a different film. Whereas Zombie’s debut feature was an hallucinogenic slasher that attempted just about every trick in the book, The Devil’s Rejects is a much simpler, more focused piece.

The Devil's Rejects It is not only the respect, but the love that Zombie has for the classics of yesteryear (from Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie, the inspiration for his now defunct rock band, to Marx Brothers movies to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) that shines through in The Devil’s Rejects. The movie looks like it was made in the late seventies – even the film has a grainy, textured look to it.

The cast (many of whom are reprising their roles from the first film) are all top notch. Shari Moon Zombie (Rob

Rating: 4.0 stars
Review by Stuart Wilson, 21st October 2005
Hoopla Factor: 3.5 stars

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